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National Childhood Obesity Month

September is national childhood obesity month. Help your child into a healthy lifestyle using these tips! You can further aid your child’s health by scheduling regular checkups with Bethany Pediatrics. Call our office today at (610) 734-1600 for more information … Continue reading

How to Handle Head Lice

Your little one gets home from school and is scratching their head aggressively. Then you get the call that head lice is spreading… It sounds like the beginning of a nightmare, but it’s very common! The most important part is … Continue reading

Easy Family Therapy Exercises You Can Do At Home

During the last few decades TV comedy sitcoms have showcased dysfunctional families, several of which have become big hits. However, it’s not so comical or entertaining if you happen to be, in reality, part of a dysfunctional family, especially for … Continue reading