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Immediate Care For A Child’s Asthma Attack

It can be difficult to ascertain if your very young child has asthma, so it’s important to watch for symptoms, note when they occur, and report those to Bethany Pediatrics. An asthma attack in a young child can be quite … Continue reading

Scoliosis Facts for All Parents to Know

Three million adolescents are diagnosed with scoliosis each year. Although this condition can affect a person at any age, young adults are among the most frequently diagnosed. If you have a child approaching adolescence, note these important scoliosis facts so … Continue reading

12 Amazing Beginner’s Breastfeeding Tips

If you’re new at this breastfeeding thing, it’s certainly worth taking some time to review this advice from others who have gone through it themselves and have a few tips to share.

Tips for a Heart Healthy Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, its important to keep a watchful eye on what your child is eating. Check out our Halloween party tips to keep your child’s heart happy and healthy! Schedule an Appointment To learn more about healthy eating … Continue reading

National Childhood Obesity Month

September is national childhood obesity month. Help your child into a healthy lifestyle using these tips! You can further aid your child’s health by scheduling regular checkups with Bethany Pediatrics. Call our office today at (610) 734-1600 for more information … Continue reading

How to Handle Head Lice

Your little one gets home from school and is scratching their head aggressively. Then you get the call that head lice is spreading… It sounds like the beginning of a nightmare, but it’s very common! The most important part is … Continue reading